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    "I love NCIL and have been a member for many years. The focus is independence and abilities. Check it out!" ~Karen Lalonde
  • Achieve Independence

    The Advocacy/Individual Disability Support Program is one of the key ways that Niagara Centre for Independent Living assists persons with disabilities to achieve independence and participate fully in their community. The program’s focus is to empower persons with disabilities to become advocates for themselves so they are able to access needed goods and services. Often, persons coming to this program are in immediate need. The Advocacy Consultant will provide information, support and mentorships to assist them in resolving issues such as:

    • Housing
    • Financial Supports
    • Accessibility
    • Human Rights
    • Access to needed goods, services and supports

    If you have an issue you need assistance with, please contact Bev Chavers the Advocacy Consultant at 905-684-7111, ext. 233 or bchavers@abilityforlife.ca