• Three Girls Communicating through Sign Language
    “NCIL is a great organization because it supports persons with disabilities by promoting a new perspective on disability.” ~Jim Davis
  • About Us

    Niagara Centre for Independent Living is a non-profit organization and registered charity, run by and for, persons with any disability. Our resource centre promotes the Independent Living philosophy which supports consumer choice, flexibility and control. Independent Living Centres are founded on 4 principles. These principles are: consumer control, cross disability, full participation and integration of all persons with disabilities; and community based. The majority of our Board of Directors and staff are persons with a disability.

    Our Vision

    Full and equal citizenship for all persons with disabilities.

    Our Mission

    To help persons with disabilities throughout Niagara achieve their independent living goals.

    Our Board of Directors

    James Davis, Chair
    Ian Greaves, Vice Chair
    Lindsay Blais, Secretary/Treasurer
    Margaret Sanderson, Director
    Eileen McCormick, Director
    Carm D’Elia, Director
    Sara Mclean, Director
    Colette Bergsma, Director
    Natasha Southwell, Director
    Betty Clark, Director